I have been making this mustard for well over 25 years. It is a recipe my friend Joe’s mom Betty gave me years and years ago. A few girlfriends and I started making it at Christmas time to put in gift baskets for family and friends. Out of everything that we put in the baskets the mustard was always the biggest hit!

After a while the requests for the mustard became more and more frequent. It became quite evident that everyone loved it. I actually had a friend confess, sometime later, that he had “borrowed” a jar from a party at our house one night. I thought to myself there must be something to this. In early 2009 the long and sometimes tedious process began and happily “Molicious Mustard” was born.

I finally asked Joe what the story was behind the mustard and as it turns out it was actually his Dad’s recipe. Tom Elsen was a B-24 Bomber pilot in World War II. He had developed a taste for the brown English-style mustard while “over there”. Tom’s cooking experiments with mustard usually cropped up on a Saturday afternoon, especially if the Notre Dame’s football game wasn’t going so well. The loss of the Fighting Irish turned into a big win for all of us mustard lovers.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!Note

Maureen “Mo” Maznio

One afternoon after visiting a local market, I came out to my car and found this on my windshield. I don’t know who left it but it made my day!